HOUSING CREDIT GUARANTEE PROGRAMS BACKGROUND PHILGUARANTEE provides guarantees and tax/fiscal incentives to Banks, Real Estate Developers and Other Financial Institutions which grant loans, credits and financing for housing acquisition and development. The Corporation provides risk cover on the outstanding principal and interest yields up to 11%. These guaranteed housing loans and investments are exempt from continue reading : HOUSING CREDIT GUARANTEE PROGRAMS


BUSINESS, FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC NEWS NOVEMBER November 26, 2021Daily News Monitoring Report (for November 26, 2021) November 23, 2021Daily News Monitoring Report (for November 23, 2021) November 24 2021Daily News Monitoring Report (for November 22, 2021) November 24 2021Daily News Monitoring Report (for November 19, 2021) November 18, 2021Daily News Monitoring Report (for November 18, continue reading : PHILGUARANTEE NEWS MONITORING


EMPLOYEE’S CORNER The Philippine Guarantee Corporation is a government institution committed to providing quality services to its clients and a safe, healthy and engaging work environment to all members of its workforce. You may click on the cover or you can click here to download the handbook. Workplace Handbook on COVID-19 Management and Prevention Published continue reading : EMPLOYEE’S CORNER


FEEDBACK AND COMPLAINT Philippine Guarantee Corporation (PHILGUARANTEE) embraces complaints as opportunities to improve efficiency and quality of services delivery. PHILGUARANTEE also views complaints as opportunities to increase goodwill and respect from citizens it serves. Any individual, employee, group, entity, or other party affected or likely to be affected by PHILGUARANTEE’s policies and initiatives can file continue reading : FEEDBACK