Terms and Conditions

Maximum Loan for Guarantee Coverage
  • Up to P 580,000 (Lot Acquisition / House Construction); and
  • Up to P 300,000 (Home improvements and repairs)
Extent of Guarantee Coverage Maximum allowable call is 1.2% of the total enrolled account. This is composed of 1.0% Trust Fund and 0.2% from the premiums collected from the Financial Institution.
Government Guarantee Sovereign
Tax Exemption 11%
Guarantee Premium Rate 1% per annum
Trust Fund 1% of the Guaranteed Loans shall be established by the Client as security for the loan to be guaranteed
Loan Purpose
  • Lot acquisition and house construction; and
  • Home improvement & repairs
Borrower’s Eligibility
  • Has no existing small housing loan from other lenders;
  • Has a verifiable source of income; and
  • Has a good record of loan repayment for the last three (3) loan cycles of any type of loan from CLIENT.
Loan Term
  • Up to 15 years for lot acquisition and house construction; and
  • Up to 5 years for home improvements and repairs
Security / Collateral Trust Fund